Charges against officers send message no one is above the law

Four Toronto police officers have been charged with obstruction of justice and perjury after allegedly providing false testimony in court… Read More

More research needed on Ontario as major human trafficking hub

A new report says Ontario has become a “major hub” for human trafficking and sexual violence in Canada, with most of the victims being local underage girls and young women… Read More

Courts are ‘sensitive’ in sexual assault cases

Despite a complaint about an Alberta judge’s conduct and comments during a sexual assault trial, Toronto criminal lawyer Elham Jamshidi tells Law Times her own experiences in dealing with this type of matter is that the courts generally assist those involved through the process… Read More

Banning random carding will help protect people’s rights

The Ontario government’s decision to ban arbitrary and random carding is a move in the right direction toward ensuring that people’s rights are protected… Read More

Ban youth solitary confinement for more than 24 hours: report

Ontario’s children’s advocate is calling for the government to end the practice of placing youth in solitary confinement for more than 24 hours… Read More

Elham Jamshidi a Passionate Criminal Litigator, Advocate

Toronto criminal lawyer Elham Jamshidi is an impassioned litigator with extensive trial experience, an advocate who ensures accused individuals of all backgrounds receive fair representation… Read More